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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Aarathi plates

In some hindu marriage rituals, aarathi plates has a significant place. On the muhurtham/wedding day, the bridegroom has been welcome by taking aarathi before he enters into the marriage hall. mostly it comes on the counts in odd numbers such as 11, 21,51 etc... usually it done by the bride's relatives. Includes the count, three plates are compulsory which are the plate with betel leaves mixed in sunnambu and water along with camphor, then rice balls mixed with turmeric and sunnambu(quick lime), kumbam (coconut and mango leaves kept in the pot decorated with thread) .after the each aarathi , the bridegroom will give gift to every one who taken the aarathi.
Here I posted the decorative plates which did by me with help of my sister. The same plates which we used for my sister's marriage also...out of 21 plates we did 9 + 3. as it was time consuming we hired rest of them
really its nice to use our own creations during those times...isn't it ?



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