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Monday, 16 March 2015

Team umizumiz - Ready for action in thermocol ball costume

Why shouldnt I try craft work for my son?Because of this thought I made this Thermocol balls craft work. Usually he loves to watch cartoons and one of his favourite is Team umizumiz, So I decided to do anything related to that. Actually I planned for Milli(one of the character) only, but he saw the printed image and asked  'amma, where are Geo and Bot?'.  After he asked how do I leave that remaining characters, so again searching started and got all the three images.
Following are the pictures, simple procedure and tips...

Hope no need for the elaborate procedure as it is very simple to do.
 just cut + paste + stick + paint

Before stick the balls its better to colour the picture, inbetweeen the thermocol balls the uncoloured gap will be visible.
while sticking we need to adjust the balls according to that shape, so compared to smaller images, larger one would be somewhat easy which i felt
                                                         my son started to colour on Geo's face...I cant able to rub it so just leave as it is...that's also looks cute na...
He was very happy to seen them in different effect
Now the craft work decorating the wall and he is saying 'my favorite colours pink, blue, green...



  1. Wow!! Awesome use of Thermocol. Excellent and brilliant work.

  2. Glad to see your comment Nag...
    Thank you...