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"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." -Marcel Proust

Friday, 3 April 2015

stocking sunflowers in a painted pot


Let us see how to make stocking sunflowers...

Things required are

Yellow and Green colour stocking cloth

Thick wires( i prefer it for the constant shape of petal)


Green floral tape


Tea dust

How to do:

-Bend the wire like v shape

-Hold the edges of the wire in left hand

- Place the cloth on front side of the wire and start stretch it through back side until you feel taut

- Tie it tightly with thread

 -Do 10 or 12, combine altogether and tie up

- Arrange it like sunflower by slightly bend it downwards by adjust the each petals

For bud,

-Make small M seal ball, flaten it, apply glue and scatter the tea dust over it. paste it on centre of the flower

this method came to my mind so i did it.... if you know some other method or readymade stamen available go ahead with that

-for leaves, same as petal, after finishing the leaves join it with flower wire and tie it tightly with thread

-finally cover the wire with floral tape

For pot(which i had it already so used that)

-paint it as you like

-fill some waste papers or any light weight material upto half a level
 mix fevicol+water in 2:1 ratio. pour it at 3/4th level of pot,

meanwhile fix the sunflower at the centre of that mix

hold it for some time or give some support

let it dry for a day
I had pebbles and lady bird, so i used it for further decoration

paste the pebbles to hide the glue mix and coloured it with brown

if you have clean sand/crystals, use it that also look nice

finally fix the insect on the stem part...
My non-dried flower pot is ready to showcase now :-)

Needs no water, no sunrise but looks pleasant always :-)